Known for being unafraid in taking large creative risks, Tina has built up an impressive body of work, starting with her defiant and hilarious #Adpology which was viewed over 6 million times. It screened at Cannes for International Women’s Day, smashing stereotypes and dismantling tropes in advertising targeted towards women. She also directed a spot for Lovehoney, a popular maker of sex toys, which has been described as “the most outrageous advert to ever air on British TV.”


Her recent hilariously relatable spot for GoCart was honoured by APA top 50 and won at the Kinsale Sharks and Clio Awards. Another superlative-worthy spot of Tiny is her first major spot, which earned the New York times Gold Award, ranking among the “most watchable commercials,” and airing during the Olympic games.

Gas Networks Ireland


Electoral Commission

Tesco Mobile "Supermarket"

GOCART " Its Time to Pay Easy"



Lenovo "Sumo"

O2 "Roam On"

McDonalds "Time Zone"

Treatwell "Be a Jamey"

McDonalds "Beef"

BBC "Sport Relief"